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UltraMate End of Support - Frequently Asked Questions

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TitleUltraMate End of Support - Frequently Asked Questions
SummaryUltraMate end of support - frequently asked questions (FAQ)
ObjectiveTo provide answers to frequently asked questions about UltraMate end of support.
EnvironmentMitchell Estimating
  1. Why is Mitchell ending support for UltraMate?
Since the launch of Mitchell Cloud Estimating, we have continued to invest in our cloud-based product suite and in helping our customers make the transition from on-premise to web-enabled solutions. These advanced solutions are designed to assist you in delivering a better customer experience while providing your organization with greater:

Reach: Offering the tools needed to do your job from any Internet-enabled device
Scalability: Making it possible to quickly deploy new technologies across your business
Security: Removing the burden and risk of storing data locally

In addition, web-enabled solutions like Mitchell Cloud Estimating do not require separate hardware, information technology systems or support, which can lower your company’s software development and maintenance costs.

Overview and General Information
  1.  When will the last version of UltraMate be available and what is the version number?
Version 7.1.243 will be the last version of UltraMate. If you use the Mitchell Download Manager (MDM), you can access UltraMate Version 7.1.243 beginning on July 10, 2023. DVD shipments of the product will be sent on July 20, 2023 for most customers. DVD shipments to Puerto Rico will go out after August 1, 2023.
  1. Will Version 7.1.243 time out?
Yes. However, you may continue to use the product through the end-of-support date, which is December 28, 2023. To ensure that all UltraMate jobs and their associated supplements are complete by this date, we strongly recommend that you begin using Mitchell Cloud Estimating immediately, especially for new collision-damage appraisals.

Once Version 7.1.243 times out, you will see the following system message. However, please note that you will not be able to create new estimates or modify existing estimates going forward. 

Timeout Message_FINAL_English.png
  1. Will Instant Price Updates (IPU), Mitchell Alternate Parts Program (MAPP) and Quality Recycled Parts (QRP) remain available after the July release?
Customers with UltraMate communications enabled will receive regular IPU, MAPP and QRP updates until December 28, 2023. In addition, estimates and supplements may still be written as normal prior to that date. For customers who rely exclusively on the UltraMate DVD and do not enable communications, price and part changes can be entered manually following the July 2023 Version 7.1.243 release.
  1. Can I access estimate and supplement data from my UltraMate account after December 28, 2023? If so, how?
Your historical data will be available to you through UltraMate. To maintain access, however, you must retain your final UltraMate update and data on your system. Mitchell Cloud Estimating does not support the import of UltraMate estimates or supplements.

Data Integration - Parts Information
  1. What is Integrated Parts and how is it different than the Mitchell Alternate Parts Program (MAPP) and Quality Recycled Parts (QRP)?
Integrated Parts is an alternate part sourcing solution being offered as an alternative to MAPP and QRP within Mitchell Cloud Estimating. It provides near real-time alternate parts data as well as improved data quality from legacy products, including insurance-grade recycled parts along with parts delivery information.
  1. Will I still have access to the Refinish Materials Calculator (RMC) after the July UltraMate release?  
The RMC 23.01 data update will be the last update specific to integrated RMC/UltraMate. After July 2023, future bi-annual RMC updates will continue only for the stand-alone RMC DVD, Materials Estimating Guide (MEG) and RMC/Mitchell Cloud Estimating (MCE) (for example, RMC 23.02 - December 2023 - RMC DVD, MEG and RMC/MCE).

Transition to Mitchell Cloud Estimating
  1. Will my contract terms, pricing or renewal date change?
No, your estimating contract pricing and term will remain the same until your next renewal.
  1. If I do not yet have a Mitchell Cloud Estimating account, how and when will I be given access?
If you need immediate access, please call the Technical Assistance Center at 800.448.4401. Over the next several months, a welcome email will be sent to the primary account contact with instructions on how to log in. If you need to update your contact information to ensure proper access, call the Technical Assistance Center.
  1. What training resources are available to help me get up-to-speed on Mitchell’s cloud-based estimating platform?
Once you log into Mitchell Cloud Estimating, you can register for training through the help menu by selecting “Live Training Webinars”. Multiple courses are available every week.
  1. Will Mitchell Cloud Estimating communicate with my current management system?
Yes. This topic is covered in the training sessions.
  1. Can I transfer my UltraMate profiles and long expansions from UltraMate to Mitchell Cloud Estimating?
Yes. This topic is covered in the training sessions as well as the in-product Mitchell Help Center.
Additional Notes
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